Episode 27: The Intersection Between the Environment and Social Justice

In this episode, I talked with Mr. Torrealba, the Member Mobilization and Engagement Organizer of the non-profit Climate Justice Alliance, an organization dedicated to inspiring change in frontline communities, building resilient, equitable economies, and exposing false promises posed as “solutions”. I talked with him about environmental or climate justice, the intersection between the environment and social justice, that focuses on how environmental conditions are spread around the world. He explained to me how environmental injustices have affected people based on race and class, all the ways they can perpetuate, from an interpersonal way to an institutional one, and how government involvement is correlated to the propaganda spread about it and the myths of individualism spread through them. Our conversation was enlightening and I would say that I have a new view of the world after it. Tune in now to learn more!

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