Episode 35: A Special Earth Day Episode on Youth Climate Activism featuring Bay Area Youth Climate Summit Co-Chair Finn Does

It’s not a surprise that more than 70% of Gen-Z are concerned about climate change but only 30% are actively engaged in climate activism. This episode dives into what one group of young climate activists in the Bay Area have created, how it has inspired many others to find their community and use their voices. Finn Does is a current co-chair of BAYCS and he talks about their work, inspiration and challenges, and what he views as a systemic issue at hand — the tokenization of youth voices. From queer ecology, climate mental health, mushrooms to BIPOC climate organization, their monthly workshops and annual summit offer far beyond the typical Climate 101 discussions. BAYCS has a special event coming this Sunday, April 28th – Reclaim Our Future: Climate Solutions for People and Planet.

Please visit BAYCS at www.baycs.org and support this student-run organization that has also helped me in my activism journey!

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