Episode 14: Conversation with Hip-Hop fo Change on the Importance of Having a Voice Through Hip-Hop

This episode is the first part of a 2 part series with Hip-Hop for Change, an organization that empowers and teaches youth to speak up and fight through hip-hop, as well as unlearning and relearning the role of BIPOC in history. I talked with Ms. Stephanie Liem, the Communication Director, and Mr. Marlon Richardson, the Education Director, about what Hip-Hop for Change is, what its missions are, and how the organization works towards those missions. In the second part of this interview series, you’ll hear my interview with Ms. Liem and Mr. Richardson on the importance of Afro-Asian Solidarity, what it is, and why it’s needed to fight white supremacy. Stay tuned for the next part, coming out soon.

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