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Parley for the Oceans aims to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans, and to inspire and empower diverse groups such as pacesetting companies, brands, organizations, governments, artists, designers, scientists, innovators and environmentalists in the exploration of new ways of creating, thinking and living on our finite, blue planet. 

In this episode, Mr. Nick and Mr. Hans Schippers, two brothers from Parley, who specialize in up-cycling, green education, and more talked with me about the plastic dangers that industries hide in plain sight: green-washing and the myth of recycling.  We also discussed the amazing work the Schippers brothers have done with SCHroadtrip (Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii), Parley for the Oceans, and the Parley AIR Station at Bishop Museum in Oahu. Listen to learn the truth about recycling and more.

Episode 15 is the second part of the 2 part series with Hip-Hop for Change. As I previewed, Ms. Stephanie Liem, Mr. Marlon Richardson, and I discussed the importance of Afro-Asian Solidarity, what it is, and why cross-group solidarity is critical in fighting white supremacy. The interview moved me in many ways. It was enlightening and quite personal as well. Please give it a listen and I hope it inspires you too.  

Please check out episode 14 if you haven’t already to learn more about Hip Hop for Change and its work.

My 14th episode was with Mr. Marlon Richardson and Ms. Stephanie Liem of Hip Hop for Change, a non-profit organization that works to empower and teach youth to speak up and fight using hip-hop, as well as unlearning and relearning the role of BIPOC in history. 

I talked to them about what Hip-Hop for Change is, what its missions are, and how the organization works towards those missions. I learned so much from them, from advice about breaking free from the media’s lies and propaganda, to the impact of a simple radio station.

My 13th episode featured Mr. Hank Dearden, the founder of Forest Planet, an organization working to create sustainable food sources for starving humans and save ecosystems around to world by planting trees for the small price of 15 cents each. 

My conversation with him lead to topics like the Forest Planet mangrove project, the reason behind affordable tree planting, and how we can combat deforestation from our homes.

My 12th episode was a conversation with Mr. Christian Shaw, the co-founder of Plastic Tides, an organization founded for the unique purpose of teaching youth how to enter the world of change-making. Plastic Tides does this by hand-picking mentors and recruiting passionate teens. They then match the mentors with the mentees so they can start their own special projects.

By talking to Mr. Shaw, I learned how teaching youth is one of the most important steps in saving Earth, how Mr. Shaw feels about youth empowerment, and of course, his very special words for any kids discouraged from standing up and making change, “Make your own green light!” My conversation with Mr. Shaw hopefully helped many kids in the same way it would’ve helped me. By explaining to us why we can save the world even at our age.

Learn from educators of the guardians of Oahu's environment, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

My 11th episode featured not 1, but 2 guests! Those guests were Ms. Rebecca Mattos and Mr. Hideki Kimukai, both community leaders and educators at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, an organization that keeps Oahu clean.

Through my conversation with them, I learned incredible things such as the meaning and importance of aquaculture and marine debris, the most harmful plastic items in the ocean, the significant impact of cigarette butts in the environment, and so much more.

Learn from the American Lung Association's Director and Advocate of Clean Air

My 10th guest was Mr. Will Barrett, the Director and Advocate of Clean Air of the American Lung Association.

I had an amazing conversation with him and I learned so much about the State of the Air Report, the most concerning environment laws that were rolled back, and how important reducing our emissions through vehicles really is.

Talking with the founder of Plastic Free July

Ms. Prince-Ruiz was my 6th guest and she is the founder of Plastic Free July, an amazing organization made to reduce the amount of plastic in the world by as much as possible. 

My talk with her was amazing! We chatted about the Plastic Free Foundation and Plastic Free July from how it started, to where it’s going now.

Learn about voting from the amazing U.S. Vote Foundation

Mr. Josh Greenbaum was my 8th guest and he’s the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Vote Foundation, a place where everything related to voting is studied and cared about.